Custom Printing  
Red Bat Press honors the history and methods of traditional letterpress printing. Custom designs are created using existing movable metal type, "dingbats", printer's blocks and hand carved woodblocks and are printed on a table-top press that is nearly 75 years old. Red Bats' specialities are postcard or card announcements(Birth, Graduation, Just Moved, etc.), holiday cards, business or calling cards, personalized stationery, and broadsides (poetry or otherwise). Or take a Letterpress Workshop and print a calling card, or short poem with your own hands with guidance!

Contact to discuss a quote for a print job you have in mind. You provide the text and image choice, and I'll make it look pretty.

Here are examples of custom jobs that were printed in the past.
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Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom

Personalized Calling Cards  
Impress your new friend with a personalized calling card

Calling card
75 Personalized Calling Cards - $35
Two lines of text (Name and email or phone number)
Your card will be printed from an original printing block and handset metal type.

Add Two extra lines - $10
In the Notes section on paypal, include these two things
1) 2-4 lines of text
2) Design choice (chose one: Stars, Lady in Hat, Hand, Rose, Telephone)

Unless another color or a different preferred font, I will print the color/type pictured in the samples.

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