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Red Bat Press has headed South to San Antonio. At this time we've closed our online shop and are not offering custom work or workshops. Thanks for 14 years in Portland, Oregon! We created over 200 woodblock print designs for our own line and for our customers. For future updates and work visit (coming soon!)

About the Owner of Red Bat Press
Carye Bye loves being a printmaker and an artist.

Photo by Kristi Joy


She hand-carves original wood block prints and pairs her art with movable type. She creates her own line of art postcards, calendars and other holiday novelties since 2002. She teaches letterpress workshops, creates custom printed or illustrated work for companies and individuals, and even brings her table-top presses by bicycle to on-site locations for printing demos and workshops. She's also known for being "the Museum Lady." You can find her leading tours and creating publications about Portland over at